close you r eyes and think of me



  when you r  down and troubled

 and you need a helping hand

and nothing ...but nothing is going right

close you r eyes and think of me

and soon i will be there

to brighten up  your darkest nights

you just call out my name

and you know where ever i am

i ll come running to see you again

winter ... spring ... summer ... or fall



 نمیدونم نویسنده این شعر چه کسی هست

ولی سالها قبل که کلاس زبان می رفتم اونجا این ترانه را

شنیدم و خیلی دوست داشتم

امروز داشتم  اتاقم را مرتب می کردم و این شعر را بازدیدم !

14/4/91  ویرایش : Lyrics to You've Gotta Friend Performed by James Taylor

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